Arnica Montana

Researches have shown that when taken correctly Arnica Montana, which is a homeopathic remedy, reduces post-surgery (cosmetic surgery) inflammation, pain and wound irritation.

Arnica is a bright orange-yellow and daisy-like flowers that once covered the European meadows which were used for perennial herb. It was also called " Mountain tobacco" in Switzerland because it spanned the entire mountain ranges, but those days are long gone.

There are many species of Arnica ( Montana). However, they all share a few compounds thought to reduce anti-inflammatory, pain and wound / incisions irritation, post operatively.

Arnica Montana can be used in conjunction with conventional medicines to reduce swelling, ease inflammation, and reduce pain and diminish wound irritation following cosmetic surgery procedures.

It is safe to use when it is applied inside your body taken orally.

Never apply Arnica in any form on broken skin or an open wound which can be toxic if it gets into your body via an open wound. The compound Helenalin found in Arnica can cause mild rash.

Medications to Avoid

Absolutely NO illicit drugs for 2 weeks. NO alcohol for 5 days. NO tobacco for 1 week prior to and after surgery. Absolutely NO herbal medicines ( except Arnica Montana) , and NO diet pills for 1 month before and after surgery.

Avoid IRON blockers one week before and after your surgery:

Do not take Vitamin E or any multivitamins which may have Vitamin E as an ingredient for 1 week before surgery.