Payment Information


Every procedure is as unique as the person having the procedure. Depending on your body type, BMI (Body Mass Index), the specific procedure you need, and the different areas being treated by Dr. Movagharnia, our prices can vary. As such, we feel that it is dishonest and unfair to quote a price to you here if we do not have all the information about you. Our patient care consultant is the best person to give you an exact price based upon these different variables after you have had your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Movagharnia. If you call our office and speak to one of the patient care consultants, they can give you an idea of the cost of different procedures.

If at some point, when you decide to utilize the services of CCRS, and if you are unable to come up with the entire funds for your desired procedure, we will be happy to offer you financing through one of the several large reputable companies that we work with.

For information on the various financing companies that CCRS is affiliated with, please visit their individual websites listed below. You will find that many of them can take your information over the phone or via their online forms and will be able to give you an approval within a few days.

If you require assistance with this process, please contact our CCRS office today at 770-951-7595, and one of our patient representatives will be happy to help you.

CCRS accepts payment only in the form of cash, money orders, VISA or Mastercard, or through funding from a finance company.



Estimated Total Cost of Cosmetic Surgeries

The exact cost will be given at the time of your personal consultation. The total surgery charge depends on the surgery being done and is based on:

  • 1. Anesthesia time
  • 2. Operating room time and material costs
  • 3. Surgeon's fee
  • 4. All CCRS office visits before and after surgery



Financing Companies




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