Information About Transgender Procedures

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Facial feminization surgery softens and smoothes the facial features and restructures the bones to reduce a sharp mid-face, chin, nose, and more.

FTM (female to male) body contouring aids in the transition process by removing breast tissue and using liposuction to create a more masculine frame.

Average Cost
$10,000 - $12,500
Recovery Time
4 - 5 Weeks

FTM (female to male) top surgery helps reduce the appearance of female breasts by removing tissue and recontouring the skin for a masculine chest.

Average Cost
$8,000 - $10,000
Recovery Time
4 - 6 Weeks

MTF (male to female) body contouring creates feminine volume to the body by using synthetic implants and fat transfer to add volume to the buttocks.

Average Cost
From $5,500
Recovery Time
3 - 4 Weeks

An orchiectomy is the medical term for castration, performed in order to help transgender women transition more easily from male to female.

Average Cost
From $4,500
Recovery Time
2 - 3 Weeks

A tracheal shaving surgery reduces the cartilage and tissue associated with an Adam's apple to give a smooth appearance along the neck.

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